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The state of open data

The state of open data

April 25, 2016


  • Open Government Portal by the Government of Canada

    Here you can explore how the Government of Canada is working with the national and international open government community to create greater transparency and accountability, increase citizen engagement, and drive innovation and economic opportunities through open data, open information, and open dialogue.

  • Open Government Programs and Events across Canada by the Government of Canada

    Here you will find information about open government activities across the country, and tools to help get your jurisdiction engaged in open government.

  • Open Data Pathway by Open Data Institute

    Open data pathway is a self-assessment tool that will help you assess how well your organisation publishes and consumes open data, and identify actions for improvement.

  • Slideshare: Canada’s Open Data Exchange

    Take a look at the decks from ODX’s most recent talks at local events as well as some data-driven infographics and more.