The ODX Open Data Blueprint

Earlier this year, Canada’s Open Data Exchange travelled across Canada to find examples of how municipalities and companies work together to achieve commercial results from open data. The Cross-Canada Tour was initiated in response to the ODX OD150 survey as well as the 2016 OCI report published by Public Sector Digest (PSD). By bringing multiple stakeholders from both the private and public sector together, ODX gained a deep understanding of the challenges that companies face when trying to use open public datasets in a commercially viable way.

Read more about the OD150 initiative and how to be part of the movement here.

In Canada, the open data environment should be viewed as a supply chain. The movement of open data from producers to consumers involves many different organizations, people, activities, projects and initiatives, all of which work together to push out a final product. Naturally, if there is a break or hurdle in this supply chain, it doesn’t work efficiently. A fundamental hurdle highlighted by companies across the country was the inability to scale their business at the provincial, national and international levels.

This blueprint aims to address the challenges Canadian entrepreneurs are facing by encouraging municipalities to launch open data initiatives. By sharing best practices, we hope to encourage the accessibility of datasets within existing jurisdictions. The structured recommendations in this Open Data Blueprint are based on feedback and best practices seen in major cities across Canada collected through ODX’s primary research.

Individual Cross-Canada Trip reports

Atlantic Canada trip report

Interviews & roundtables convened

  • Moncton, NB
  • Charlottetown, PEI
  • Halifax, NS

ODX heard a consistent desire to support open data businesses from stakeholders across Atlantic provinces. However, the need for better communication between businesses and governments was clear.

Western Canada trip report

Interviews & roundtables convened

  • Winnipeg, MB
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Strathcona County, AB
  • Calgary, AB
  • Vancouver, BC

In convening the roundtables in the Western portion of the Cross-Canada Tour, ODX heard from municipalities that they want to hear from companies how open data is being used. Herein lies a key challenge – municipalities are having a difficult time connecting with companies that are successfully commercializing municipal open data.

Central Canada trip report

Interviews & roundtables convened

  • Ottawa, ON
  • Montreal, QC
  • Toronto, ON
  • Waterloo / Kitchener, ON

In the Central portion of the Canadian Open Data Tour, ODX learned that some of the previous themes such as: the need for better communication between businesses and governments, extends to both inter-governmental and intra-governmental relations as well.

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John Chiappetta

John Chiappetta

Projects & Initiatives Lead

John Chiappetta leads Projects & Initiatives at Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX). He works with companies and municipalities of all sizes to enhance their use of data and innovation to improve services, inform local decision-making and drive engagement. John believes that the most critical business questions are not answered with what data you could or should access, but by first working out what your business is looking to achieve.

John holds a Masters degree in Political Science and has completed undergraduate work in Political Science and Business.

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